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Carty Carvenience has developed the business based on an American concept of total convenience for car owners, which we termed “carvenience”.

We truly offer a one-stop car care service!  Don’t compare our services and prices with other service providers without investigating the types of products, systems and processes being used, our trained crew and personnel, and the variety of services being offered.  We respectfully submit that ours are superior – however, we do encourage anyone to make the effort of a thorough comparison.

The business aim of Carty Carvenience is to elevate car care to a higher level in this country by using the best possible technology (we source this technology globally) and by training our people effectively and continuously. 

Exceptional service is furthermore extremely important to us.  Carty Carvenience offers a unique service in this industry.  The following aspects are what make us different:

  • We offer a combined service of minor panel beating, spray painting, dent repairs, windscreen repairs as well as cleaning, polishing and glazing of vehicles.  Recently we added the service of fitting smash & grab safety film and the convenience of an Express Shopping Centre Car Wash service.
  • We employ qualified technical staff, a panel beater and spray painters.
  • We believe strongly in and provide to the best of our ability excellent, personalized customer service.
  • We operate on an organized basis regarding the:
  • Layout of sites
  • Flow of vehicles
  • Work methods followed
  • Planning of work
  • Management of work and work flow.
  • We are well equipped with a spray booth oven, computerized paint mixing room, high pressure pumps, spray extractors, vacuum cleaners, polishers, compressors, infra-red lights and much more.
  • We believe in strong management.  We operate with a manager for every division.
  • The products that we use are of high quality, not the cheapest but the best readily available products in South Africa, for example Glasurit paint, 3M products and Cyclo products.
  • A well-trained crew is essential to us.
  • Professionalism and attention to detail is our motto.
  • Professional Engine & Chassis Steam cleaning is essential to a good valet service.  Wheel Arches are also steam cleaned.  Attention is paid to the cleaning of the inside of the bonnet and much more.


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Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or give us a call on (012) 998 6048

Location & Contact Details

  • Cnr Delfi & Sunbird Avenue, GARSFONTEIN, Pretoria East
  • (012) 998 6048

  • Cell: 082 926 0883