Valet Car Wash in Pretoria

Valet Car Wash in Pretoria East and Quick Dent Repairs at an Affordable Price


Looking for a professional valet car wash in Pretoria East? Look no further than Carty Carvenience. We offer our services to the public, vehicle dealers, auction houses, private vehicle sellers and insurance companies.




Two Centres


We have two well-equipped centres in the East of Pretoria. The Woodlands Boulevard car wash service offering is especially convenient. Shop, dine or go to the movies while we clean your car from the top to the bottom without causing a single scratch. With regular mid-week specials we ensure affordability of this highly recommended service. Our Carty Carvenience Garsfontein Centre offers a full range of car wash, valet, steam cleaning and minor dent repair services.



Why Valet?


The valet service will help to improve the aesthetic value of your vehicle significantly. The valet and deep clean service entails a full wash of the engine and chassis, roofline cleaning or mini cleaning, deep cleaning of the interior, a full polish and glaze or any combination you require. We use the high pressure wash system to prevent scratches and to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Our equipment operators are well-trained and experienced to ensure a professional job done throughout.




Why Polish & Glaze?


With the polish and glaze service we help you to protect your vehicle’s paint work against environmental factors and industrial fall-out effects for up to a year and offer a guarantee on the service. With this service your vehicle’s exterior will look great throughout the year and it will be easier to keep it clean since dust and debris won’t stick to the body’s paint.



Why Engine Steam Clean?


If you have driven on dirt roads or plan on selling your vehicle, you will appreciate the high pressure steam cleaning of the engine and chassis with special degreasing detergents applied. The service helps to prevent rust after visits to the coastal area while it also helps to prevent engine problems related to contaminant build-up on the exterior parts of the engine.



Why Car Odour Removal?


Car odour removal is especially useful if the vehicle’s interior has been subjected to cigarette smoke, fish, meat, animal urine or mud and sea sand. We remove odours permanently with the world-class USA Ozone technology. Enjoy the fresh smell of the interior after a thorough odour removal session at Carty Carvenience.



Why our Repair Services?


Of course, our service offering is far more comprehensive than the offerings from other car wash services in Pretoria East. Apart from the very popular valet car wash, you can also benefit from the convenience of having minor dents removed on the spot without any panel-beating or re-spraying required. The paintless dent removal service will help you to save time and the expenses associated with conventional panel beating.  The repairs can be done within two hours.

Have your windscreen chips repaired at our Garsfontein Centre while you wait. If your vehicle has a bumper scuff, crack or paint blemish, you will be delighted to know that we can repair such as well. We have qualified artisans to perform the repairs and can spray paint full panels in a dust free environment with a turn-around time of one to five days. We offer you the Glasurit colour match technology and can guarantee perfect paint matching.



Regular Specials



We offer ongoing specials such as the coupon booklet system where you get ten services when you buy eight coupons or the free wash & dry with every repair quote to be used on the same day. Regularly wash your car at an affordable price by making use of our unlimited package entailing a one or three month Carty package at a low rate and unlimited use during the allocated period.

Paintless Dent Removal Pretoria

When and Why You Should Use Paintless Dent Removal Services in Garsfontein Pretoria

The Garsfontein branch of Carty Carvenience offers paintless dent removal services in Garsfontein Pretoria in addition to our auto body repair and car wash and valet services. If you have just lifted an eyebrow upon reading about paintless dent removal, read on. You will be glad that you know about the service as it can save you a few thousand Rands in repairs and lots of time.


What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

It is a combination of advanced techniques used to remove smaller dents and dings from the vehicle surface. The service, however, is not suited for panels that have suffered paint damage, but we can recommend our panel repair and spraypaint services.


Types of Repairs

The PDR service is well-suited for preparation of a damaged vehicle panel for respraying, but is mostly used for repair of small body creases, dings, and hail damage WITHOUT respraying panels. The typical ding size is that of a 50 cents or smaller coin. When we mention minor dents, we are referring to a dent that is slightly deeper and larger. Depending on its location, our technician will select the best leverage point for shaping the metal back to its original form. Round dings and dents – those you get in parking lots and alike, are normally removed using only the paintless dent removal technique.  This sevice is offered at our Garsfontein centre in Pretoria East.

As mentioned, the repair technique is also used for correction of creases. A crease is normally a dent with a line type of indent in the vehicle panel and is most often caused by a vehicle accident. The crease is one of the more complex repairs because of variations in depth and length.  For this type of paintless dent removal you definitely want specialists technicians.  Visit our Garsfontein branch for professional assessment and solid recommendation.  We will be able to assist with the removal of these ceases in no time.

More and more vehicle dealers and insurance companies now make use of our paintless dent repair services because of the speed of service offered, the professional end-results and the cost-effectiveness of this type of repair. Consumers are also now looking at the savings in time and costs associated with the service. People planning on selling their vehicles will want to have those dings, dents, and creases repaired before advertising their vehicles.


Consider the benefits:


·       ONE day repair and thus time saving.

·       No need for filler application.

·       No need for respraying the panel.

·       100% Colour matching since no paint is required.

·       Fraction of the cost of conventional dent repairs.


Visit us for a professional assessment and a superior quality paintless dent removal service at an affordable price.

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Car Wash Services & Prices

Top Quality Car Wash Services & Prices to Smile About

Carty Carvenience offers you two car wash facilities. Our express wash & detail located at the Woodlands Shopping Centre is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy shopping or dining out while we ensure that your vehicle is express washed or deep cleaned. The Garsfontein Centre offers a full range of car wash services in addition to paintless dent repairs and related services. You can view full details regarding the car wash services & prices as well as running specials right here on our website.


Elite Valet & Polish

With the professional valet the value of your vehicle can be significantly improved. Once completed, the vehicle engine & chassis will be sparkling clean and the exterior of the car will shine like never before. Using our special polish techniques and glaze products, the vehicle will be protected against acid in bird droppings, UV-rays and other weather elements. With such you have an interior deep cleaning, including carpets, seats, roof lining, panels, consoles and boot. The elite valet & polish is popular with vehicle dealers and owners who want to sell their vehicles or want to use such for special occasions including the likes of Matric Farewell events or weddings.  It is also regularly used by several of our customers that are serious to maintain the value of their vehicles.


Express Wash & Detail

Using our high pressure system and hand detailing, we ensure a professional end-result every time. This also means no scratching of the surface. For detail wash and vacuum bring your vehicle to any one of our two branches.


Body Protect

Protecting the vehicle against air pollution and weather elements is essential to prolong its beauty and maintain its value. Our Carty Body Protect service includes polishing and 3C glaze protection, and we recommend using this service annually. Our Carty-3C glaze product is guaranteed, giving you top value for money.


Power Steam Clean

If the vehicle’s engine or chassis is contaminated with sand and debris it will simply not last as long as it should. Performance problems may be experienced as a result of such. If you drive on dirt roads regularly, we recommend that you high pressure steam clean the top and bottom of the engine and chassis. We use well-tested degreasing detergents for the removal of sticky oil and other residues from the engine and chassis. The service is also useful for removal of salt and sand often found at coastal areas. By taking the necessary steps to protect the vehicle through power steam clean after a coastal holiday, you thus prevent rust and other damage to your vehicle. We can decontaminate your vehicles engine and chassis before you ship it to a different country when you immigrate (certificate is given).


Odour Removal

Dirty ash trays, sea or saltwater residue, dam water, mud or the typical “pet smells” can cause a vehicle to smell awful. Not only when planning on selling the vehicle, but also at least for normal hygiene, it may be time to get rid of those pesky smells. We remove such odours permanently through a world-class American technology involving Ozone.


Specials – three ways to save

True to our commitment of delivering top quality car wash services & low prices, we offer clients three ways to save. Coupon booklets are available, enabling you to purchase eight coupons and get ten services. You can also purchase our 1 or 3 month unlimited Carty package at a reduced price and get your vehicle washed and vacuumed as many times as you want through the particular period. We also offer you midweek specials and wash and vacuum services and valets at our Woodlands branch every week.  Bookings required for the valet services (these valets exclude engine and chassis cleaning).

We furthermore offer you a free car wash and dry with every repair estimation (quote) done at our Garsfontein branch which must be used on the particular vehicle at the time of the estimation.

Whether you only require a quick clean or want a deep clean that includes an engine steam clean, 3C glaze protection and specific detailing such as odour removal, you will find our service delivery to be superior and the prices equally impressive. For more details, please feel free to contact us or visit one of our centres.

Car Wash Professionals

Keep Your Car in Showroom Condition with Pretoria’s Top Car Wash Professionals

Oil changes are important, as are wheel alignments and timing belt replacements, but when it comes to the cosmetic upkeep like car washes, instead of taking cars to car wash professionals, most people are willing to let those things slide and save a little time and money. While you may be saving a few bucks now, avoiding car washes may be setting you up for huge unnecessary expenses at a later stage.


Car Washes Keeps Your Car Healthy and Rust-Free

Besides making your car look pretty nifty, regular washes are important to keeping your vehicle’s body healthy. Your car’s body picks up a lot of dust and grime while driving. All of that grime slowly chips away at your vehicle’s paint, exposing the sheet metal beneath. Environmental elements are especially rough on your vehicle’s exterior. And once the sheet metal is exposed, the rust moves in and gets very comfortable. Once it starts eating at your sheet metal, it can be tough and expensive to eradicate. Not only is rust unsightly, but it can expose vehicle components to the elements that are not meant to be exposed.

When you've spent so much on your car, why not look after it and ensure it looks its best? Keeping your car in the best possible condition can be made a simpler task with Pretoria’s top car wash professionals – Carty Carvenience!

At Carty Carvenience, we are your one-stop car wash professionals. We have taken the car wash industry to the next level and have brought about transformation in the South African car wash and car detailing industry. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and the finest quality car wash and detail services for those who require that higher than standard care.


We Have Two Convenient Branches

Both our branches are staffed with highly qualified professionals offering a full range of cleaning service options. We offer a quick wash and vacuum service at our Woodlands branch with a hand wash and high pressure rinse and detailing service at our Garsfontein branch. We handle all makes and models, from cleaning the toughest commercial vehicles to expert detailing and hand washing your antique or luxury vehicle.

Any car wash can simply wash your car, but we give you the edge in personalised service and attention to detail. We are the car wash professionals that have been providing vehicle owners, insurance companies and auto dealerships throughout Gauteng with the very best, most convenient and economical professional car care services. We are passionate about keeping your car in showroom condition - simply drop your car and shop while we wash your car to perfection - you'll be delighted to drive off in a sparkling like-new car!

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