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Auto Body Repairs in Pretoria – Avoid Costly Mistakes

People often complain about the quality of auto body repairs. To avoid the issue, it’s best to make use of a reputable auto body repair centre such as Carty Carvenience in Garsfontein, Pretoria. You’ll find that our work is impeccable, quotes reliable and turn-around time is fast.


When you bring your vehicle to us for panel spraying, dent and scratch removal, you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with the mistakes discussed below. We do the job right every time.


Avoid the following possible mistakes when you take your vehicle for Auto-body Repairs

Colours Not Matching

If the repair shop doesn’t use a proven system to get a perfect match, you may end up with the door slightly darker or lighter than the surrounding panels. This is a common mistake, made by inexperienced artisans working without scientific equipment. Most often the colours will look like they match in the repair shop light, but only once you take the vehicle outside will the natural light reveal the difference in colour. Fluorescent lights can also be used to see whether there’s a colour difference.

At Carty Carvenience in Pretoria, we make use of the Glasurit colour match system and qualified spray painters for perfect matching. Indeed, we guarantee a perfect colour match ensuring that you can expect the best quality work throughout.


Messy Paint Application

Before a panel can be sprayed the artisan must mask surrounding areas unless he removes the panel before spraying. If any adjacent section is not masked, you’ll find traces of spray on it. You can spot the mistake by inspecting the areas immediately adjacent to the panel or area painted. Look at the trims and see if you note any fogginess.

When you bring a vehicle to Carty Carvenience, we take the time to prepare the area surrounding the panel or area to be sprayed and or remove the panel where relevant. As such, you won’t find sloppy spray work and traces of over spraying on an adjacent area.


How to Avoid Rip-Offs


  • Your insurer may direct you to a specific repair shop, but even so it will be important to check that the work is done properly. Numerous insurance companies including Hollard and Santam make use of our services, attesting to the affordability and high quality of our services.


  • We recommend that you always get an estimate before doing any repairs on your vehicle. If the price seems too high at a repair shop, get an estimate from another reputable shop. You’ll find that we regularly offer specials, price market related and don’t skim on work to save ourselves money.


  • Always check the general rating of a repair shop. If the auto body repair shop is located in Pretoria you can also drive by to see how many clients they have. In addition, review the company’s website and client list. Larger firms support repair centres that have proven their worth and we have a long list of satisfied and regular clients such as Volkswagen Menlyn, Audi Centre Menlyn, Smart Insurance, Regent Insurance and more.


  • A company that’s proud of its work will provide you with a guarantee on their products and service delivery. Be sure to get the guarantee on paper and read the terms and conditions. You’ll find that we honour our word and because our reputation is important to us, ensure that all work is done professionally and with care.


Not only do we offer a range of express body repairs, but also full valet and car wash, as well as body protect glaze services. We can thus offer you a complete range of services at one location. It’s more convenient for you, and you can also expect to save money and time.

View our range of services and contact us for a quote today.

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