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Points to Consider with a Car Wash


A comprehensive car wash is not limited to the vehicle exterior. A proper full service car wash includes interior vacuum and cleaning, which we refer to as detailing. This type of wash usually starts with a hand wash of the exterior using special shampoo that won’t cause streaks and damage to the vehicle’s paint. This step is important in getting the stubborn dirt from the paint work. Though full detailing is definitely too expensive for a weekly wash, it is worth it if you want to prepare the vehicle for selling or a special occasion.


Proper steam cleaning of the engine helps to remove dirt and debris that can affect the performance of the vehicle and the longevity of the various car parts. However, it is essential that the steam clean operator have experience in using the equipment in order to avoid damage to the seals. Steam jet cleaning of the vehicle exterior is highly effective in removing dirt and saves a lot of water. With no harsh chemicals used, the process is certainly also more environmentally friendly than the conventional car-wash systems.


The vehicle soap used must be of high quality and suitable for regular usage. It is imperative to use soap that won’t strip the wax of the vehicle’s paint work. A tip for home washes – never use dish washing liquid as it is simply too harsh on the paint work.



Where to wash your car


Visit the Woodlands or Garsfontein Carty Carvenience car wash centres for professional washing, vacuuming, detailing and valet services. We have been in business for over 14 years and have developed the business service offering based on a proven USA model for super-convenience, fast service and professionalism throughout.


Our car wash at Woodlands Boulevard is conveniently located in the phase 2 basement parking and be reached from the entrance to the new basement parking at the middle traffic circle of the mall-road. You can shop, watch a movie or dine while we wash and vacuum your car or you can opt for a full valet. Our midweek specials make the services even more affordable.


We pay attention to detail including every corner and bend of the vehicle and with our high pressure washing system we can guarantee that your vehicle’s paint work will stay in tip-top condition. Our valet service includes deep cleaning of the interior, a full polish and glaze or the combination you want. You can also have the exterior protected against environmental factors through the body protect service with a full year protection against industrial fall-out.



Visit us today or make use of one of our amazing package deals for regular washes and thus great savings. 

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