Paintless Dent Removal

Affordable Paintless Dental Removal and Other Services in South Africa

Despite being extra vigilant and careful on the road, accidents can still cause damage to your vehicle. Whether you are driving behind a truck carrying pebbles or on a dirt road with loose grout, there’s nothing as frustrating as noticing a dent when you approach your car.

In the past this was a big thing to get it sorted out, but not any longer thanks to Carty Carvenience’s state-of-the-art paintless dent removal services. Their expert technicians can now quickly take care of small dents, dings and creases. Door dings and minor dents can now be removed and fixed without the need for repainting. It will be done in less than two hours at our Garsfontein branch to get you back on the road again in no time.

As you can imagine, the need and demand for our paintless dent removal has increased along with people’s realisation that our service offers the best value for money and most convenience. However, this is not the only value-adding service that Carty Carvenience has to offer. We have many other convenient and essential services that will help you keep your car in tip top shape at all times.


Other Value Adding Services from Carty Convenience

The Carty body repair and paint services have been developed to take care of dents and dings that can spoil the value and looks of the vehicle. We offer the fast repair of paint blemishes, chips, dents and scratches and bumper scuffs and cracks. Other features of our body repair and paint services include:


·         Qualified artisans labour

·         Glasurit colour match and guarantee

·         Repair of scratches, dents and chips

·         Spray painting of complete panels and

·         Repair within 1 – 5 working days


Carty Carvenience Body Protect

Even if you aren’t familiar with it, environmental and industrial fallout can and will destroy your vehicle’s body paint job far much faster than you might think. To address this, we will:


·         Polish and glaze your vehicle to protect it against South Africa’s elements

·         Provide a guarantee on your Carty-3C glaze


You have to protect the body of your vehicle with our Body Protect services at least once every twelve months.


Carty Odour Removal and Power Steam Clean

Odours can accumulate in the vehicle over time. If you have small children and pets that travel regularly in your vehicle, pet hair, food debris and other elements like cigarette smoke can combine to produce odours that are unpleasant to drive in. We will use world class USA technology to permanently remove odours from the vehicle with Ozone technology.

No vehicle can function reliably if the chassis and engine is contaminated. Build up and dirt can accumulate on the chassis and engine of the car to add extra exertion during operation, which will diminish its performance and lifespan over time. To address this, we will:


·         Clean your vehicle with high pressure steam cleaning from top to bottom

·         We use degreasing detergents and

·         This service will also help to prevent rust after visiting coastal areas.


The Best Professional Valet Services in South Africa

We are also proud of our extensive offerings with regards to our valet services. Our Carty Elite Valet and Polish are guaranteed to significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. Included in this service are the engine and chassis, polish and glaze and a full interior deep cleaning and roof cleaning.

If you are looking for an affordable way to take care of paintless dent removal, without having to pay for re-spraying, then Carty Carvenience’s paintless dent removal services will live up to all your expectations.

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