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Getting a Full Valet from Carty Carvenience


Looking after your vehicleis important and there are many ways to do this. Making sure that your vehicle is serviced regularly is just as important as ensuring that it stays clean and presentable, and this is often difficult to do on your own. Making use of a professional car valet services is very convenient and time saving, as you won’t have to struggle with keeping your vehicle clean on your own.


Carty Carvenience has branches in Garsfontein and Woodlandsand we offer customers a professional car valet service that will allow them to enjoy their vehiclelike never before. At our Garsfontein branch our elite valet and polish service will improve the value of your vehicle, and we also include the engine and to provide complete value for money. We polish and glaze your vehicle and provide a full interior deep cleaning service for maximum benefit.




Saving Time and Money


The biggest benefit of a full valet is the time that you will save. Instead of taking hours to do this on your own, you can have your vehicletaken care of at a professional valet service like Carty Carvenience. Many people have their vehiclecleaned professionally as it’s much more convenient than doing it yourself. Unless you are very experienced, you won’t likely get your vehicleas clean as a professional valet service can, having the correct equipment, detergents and skills,so it’s a great option if you want to make sure that your vehicle is always clean and presentable.


Another benefit is that you will save money, as you won’t be able to buy all the products that a professional team uses and clean your vehicle on your own the same way they do. This is why most people simply take their vehicles for a full valet if they want it thoroughly cleaned, also company vehicles that are used to transport tourists or customers on a regular basis. Keeping a clean and professional look maintains the value of your vehicle and is alsovery important for any business which is why a valet service is the best option to choose.


Carty Carvenience is based in Pretoria East and we offer services at both our branches that include a full valet, as well as paintless dent repair and body repairs at our Garsfontein branch. We have been in business since the year 2000 and as such we can say with certainty that our team is highly experienced. We aim to provide vehicle owners with the best and most convenient services possible and offer value for money and personal service.

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