Car Wash Prices

Considering Car Wash Prices


You use your car on a daily basis to get form one point to another, so you want to keep it looking clean and presentable at all times. However, it is not always possible to wash and valet your car on your own, which is why you might be considering car wash prices from reputable service providers. It is very convenient to have your car washed and polished while you can use the time to do something else.


One benefit of taking your car to a professional car wash service is that you will save a significant amount of time; you can even wait around for your car to be finished, or enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait. If you want a complete valet for your car, you can always leave it behind and return to collect it when everything is complete. Many people choose to leave their cars at the valet service in the morning, and pick it up during lunch, or even after work. This is a very convenience service we offer at Carty Carvenience as you won’t have to find time at home to do this.


Another benefit of our service is the quality of the wash. You don’t always have the same products available that we do, making this a professional cleaning service that you won’t be able to complete. These handy services only make use of the best products available that will benefit your car’s interior, exterior, and engine. Comparing car wash prices is a good idea so that you know what to expect for the money you pay. The cheapest car wash is not always the best, so rather make sure that you get value for your money.


Having a professional valet service is always a benefit, as we know how to have your car look its best. One way to do this is to make use of Carty Carvenience; based in Garsfonteinand Woodlands Boulevard, it is the ideal solution to car owners that do not have the time and skills necessary to wash and valet their own vehicles. Our car wash prices are very reasonable and our service can also include repair work at our Garsfontein branch.


Carty Carvenience is based in Gauteng, South Africa and we have two branches available, one in Garsfontein and one in Woodlands Boulevard. Our car wash prices are extremely affordable and good value for money. You can also have your car repaired at our Garsfontein branch. Our services include body repairs, a full valet, and paintless dent repair. 

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