Car Detailing

Why You Should Get Your Car Detailed at Carty Carvenience?


Are you trying to sell your car or are you just trying to improve your car’s overall appearance and maintain its value? If you are looking for a fellow car enthusiast with the passion, skill and experience to enhance and assist you in maintaining your pride and joy up to the very highest quality and standard, then contact Carty Carvenience. From a basic wash to full correction car detailing, we offer it all! We can make your car look brand new, increasing its value for when it is time to sell, or when you need to spoil yourself to drive in a refreshing clean car.


Have you ever seen a black car drive past you, which appeared to look rather like a black rolling mirror and practically flawless, and wondered to yourself "how did he get his car looking like that"?  It can be safely guaranteed that that result was not accomplished with a standard local carwash, but with car detailing.


With a car detailing service from Carty Carvenience, you can rest assured that your car will be meticulously cleaned, polished, waxed and protected from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and the most sophisticated products that would not usually be used by your typical local car wash. Car detailing is the best way to produce a clean showroom car-quality level of detail that a car wash simply cannot match.


What Does Car Detailing Entail?

The basic motive of car detailing is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating dirt and oxidations, paint scratches, swirl marks and paint blemishes that have been imposed over time. The procedure entails engine detailing, exterior detailing and interior detailing which we briefly describe below:


  • Exterior detailing – includes bringing back the shine of the car's paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels and tyres and all other visible apparatus on the exterior of a vehicle to help restore a like-new lustre.


  • Interior detailing – entails an extensive cleaning of the dash area, panels, windows, roof lining, boot, seats and carpet. All of the interiors upholstery is cleaned by the use of vacuum and spray-extractcleaning, and leather is properly conditioned and treated.


  • Engine detailing – professional engine and chassis steam cleaning is essential to cleaning under the hood of the car as well as the wheel archesand chassis. Engine detailing can help increase the lifespan of the rubber, plastic and silicone components equipped on your engine, as well as make diagnosis of potential problems faster and easier.


The aim of Carty Carvenience is to elevate car care to a higher level by using the best possible technology, equipment and car care products by trained and skilled staff.



Professionalism and attention to detail is our motto and when it comes to engine, interior and exterior detailing, no one beats Carty Carvenience. We make cars look better than new; we clean, detail and protect. Visit our Garsfontein, Pretoria East car care centre todayand see the car detailing difference!

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