How to Choose the Best Auto Body Specialists for Your Car


Auto body repair is one of the many steps vehicle owners need to take to ensure their vehicle is working the way it should. Without the frame and exterior portions of the vehicle being in good working order, the engine and other components may fail as well. In addition, it is quite possible that the damage to the exterior of the vehicle could have caused problems with the interior too. Because of this, it becomes very important for individuals to turn to auto body specialists to get their car back in safe working order. 


Dents and bruises will happen and tarnish your car body, no matter how carefully you drive or how safely you park your car. With that in mind, it’s best to be prepared for these accidents. When they do happen, it is best to have an auto body specialist you can trust in order to restore your car exterior back to perfection.


Paint jobs and dent repairs on cars these days are almost as modern and high tech as the cars themselves. High quality materials are used in the paint, to come up with coatings of paint that protect your car body from rust, while providing a glossy, eye catching finishing. Choosing the best auto body specialist can therefore have a huge impact to the overall quality of your finished auto body repair. Although the overall quality of work provided by the auto body repair trade in South Africa has improved significantly in recent years, there are still many different ways of selecting auto body specialists.


Why Not Just Anyone? 

Auto body repair is a task requiring skill and experience. There is more to it than just replacing a part with a new one. In some situations, the work of these professionals is more like art. It takes a skilled hand to construct the ideal finished product. Anything less than that and it will look like it was repaired. That is something you may wish to avoid. If you do not go to a specialist, you may not get the type of results you want. Here are some tips on finding the best auto body specialists.


  • Determine the type of repair work your car needs – if your car has only suffered a mild dent, the dent can easily be repaired without any special effort. On the other hand, a large dent where some paint has been removed will require the attention of a traditional auto body specialist, where skilled artisans will not only smooth out the dents, but also paint the patches with the correct colour to make your car exterior as good as new.


  • Choose certified technicians – it is best to only leave your valuable car in the hands of trained and certified technicians. Many “know it all” amateurs have been known to worsen relatively mild problems into expensive complications with their hacking. You want to avoid this, as car repair and paint jobs can get quite expensive.


  • Select workshops that provide guarantees – a large number of things can go wrong with car repair jobs. It is best to work with an auto body specialist that provides guarantees on the job, rather be safe than sorry!


  • Quality materials – always choose auto body specialists that use the best specialist technology, equipment and the highest quality products which include Glasurit paint, 3M and Cyclo products.


  • Inspect the work area – ask to see the auto body repair shop where your vehicle will be worked on. A clean workplace is a good indication of professionalism and commitment to quality. Avoid auto body specialists with workshops that are littered with masking paper, tools and equipment. If employees are unconcerned about their work conditions, it’s highly likely that they’ll be unconcerned with the overall quality of your finished vehicle as well.


From getting a rust patch fixed to getting the vehicle back on the streets after a collision, the job of auto body specialists is one that you should count on. If you take the time to hire someone with experience in this area, chances are good the results will be exactly what you want and need them to be. If you hire just anyone, then the results may be limited.


Do invest in quality service since this makes the biggest impact on the way your car performs and looks after the job is done. Contact Carty Carvenience today for superb auto body paint and repairs at our Garsfontein Car Care Centre. We also have a branch in Woodlands Boulevard, but please note that we only offer our body paint and repair services at the Garsfontein branch.

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