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Do you have marks or rust in the hood of your car, deep scratches in your vehicle door, or perhaps your bumper rubbed up against another car? Usually these scratches and scrapes are caused by everyday use, things like missing the lock with your key and hitting the area around it, catching a ring as you go to open a door, or worst of all, opening a door onto a small post or object that you simply did not see as you pulled up. While all these things can cause small amounts of damage to the paintwork, it’s usually not enough to take out an insurance claim or warrant the expense of getting someone in to repair it for you, but enough for you to notice. 


For all of these situations; there is a possible solution. Most auto body specialists offer a range of touch up paint for this very process. You can purchase an exact colour match for your vehicles colour, these touch up paints are available for very little cost and are ideal for repairing those small marks on your vehicles paintwork.


Ideal for small jobs the touch up paint is similar to a lady’s nail polish. The paint comes in a small container with a small brush for ease of application. These pens are ideal for applications that need no preparation other than a simple wash to remove excess dirt and any loose paint. Application is as easy as painting a finger nail. A few strokes of the brush over the damaged area and the paintwork will be as good as new.


Depending on the scale of the damage, you have two choices: you can attempt the repair by yourself or you can bring your car to Carty Carvenience and let the professionals repair and paint your car. We offer a fantastic service which involves the repair of dents, scratches, chips, paint blemishes, bumper scuffs, cracks and spray-painting by qualified artisans. We offer a 100% guarantee on Glasurit colour matching with a repair in 1 to 5 days. Don’t play paint roulette with your car; you never know what you're going to get and a bad touch up paint job can easily cost you thousands of Rands in the long run.


Keeping your car in the best possible condition can be made a simpler task with the assistance of Carty Carvenience. Since the year 2000, we have been providing vehicle owners and businesses throughout Gauteng with the best and most convenient professional touch up paint repair services at our Garsfontein Car Care Centre. Contact our Garsfontein branch today to discuss your touch up paint repair options. 

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