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Protect Your Investments with Car Valet Specialists

Does your car need a valet? A car is a sophisticated piece of machinery and, as such, needs regular maintenance and care. An important part of that upkeep is not mechanical, but is about keeping your car clean and your paintwork protected. Valet services, and regular valeting can help keep your car in excellent condition. Valeting is not an expense, it's an investment, and prevention is better than cure! If you’re looking for professional car valet specialists in the Gauteng area, then look no further than Carty Carvenience.

Carty Carvenience has been in the car valet industry since 2000, and it is our belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our business aim is to elevate car care to a higher level by using the best possible technology and by training our people effectively and continuously. We take great pride in the quality of our services; our car valet specialists are committed to valeting cars to the highest of standards so they are back to showroom prestige condition. With an extensive knowledge of the car valeting industry, you can rest assured when you bring your car to our valet specialists…it’s in the safest of hands.


Our Car Valet Services

Based in Pretoria East, we operate branches in Garsfontein and Woodlands Boulevard, both staffed with highly qualified and skilled car valet specialists. Our car valet specialists do all that they can to keep our car valet services fast, economical and professional by ensuring that you are presented with a variety of value-adding service options to keep your car in tip top shape at all times:


·         Express Wash & Car Detailing – spoil your car in the best quality express wash and car detailing service available in Gauteng, available at our Garsfontein branch and at our Woodlands branch. This includes a hand wash, high pressure rinse and vacuum detailing service.


·         Odour Removal – this world-class innovative technology removes all odours permanently. The ozone (O3) attacks odours at their source. As ozone fills the interior it immediately begins to oxidize tobacco, pet, food and musty odours that cling to surfaces as it flows into air vents, cracks and crevices. This service is found at our Garsfontein branch.


·         Power Steam Clean – a vehicle cannot function reliably if the engine and chassis are contaminated and to combat contamination we use degreasing detergents combined with high pressure steam cleaning. This service is found at our Garsfontein branch.


·         Elite Valet & Polish – our superior elite valet and polish service is guaranteed to significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. Included in this service are engine and chassis polish and glaze and a full interior deep cleaning and roof cleaning. This service is found at both our Garsfontein and Woodlands branches.


·         Carty Body Protect – environmental and industrial fallout can and will destroy your vehicle’s body paint job much faster than you might think. We prevent this with a polish and a glaze that is guaranteed to protect against these damaging elements. This protection treatment is done at both our Garsfontein and Woodlands branches.


As the top car valet specialists in Gauteng, we like to think that valeting is not an expense, it is an investment. We aim to provide vehicle owners, insurance companies and auto dealerships with the best and most convenient car valet services possible. We only use the highest quality products that are uniquely designed, whether it is leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, simulated wood or upholstery, our products are specifically formulated to gently and efficiently clean all interior and exterior surfaces of your car.

Whether you are looking for high end detailing or you want your car looking back to show room condition, simply book your chosen valet service, and we'll do it all for you. We can confidently say you won't get a better service, price or finish anywhere else. Book in now and sit back, relax and our car valet specialists will ensure your car is absolutely beaming.

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