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Keep Your Car in Showroom Condition with Pretoria’s Top Car Wash Professionals

Oil changes are important, as are wheel alignments and timing belt replacements, but when it comes to the cosmetic upkeep like car washes, instead of taking cars to car wash professionals, most people are willing to let those things slide and save a little time and money. While you may be saving a few bucks now, avoiding car washes may be setting you up for huge unnecessary expenses at a later stage.


Car Washes Keeps Your Car Healthy and Rust-Free

Besides making your car look pretty nifty, regular washes are important to keeping your vehicle’s body healthy. Your car’s body picks up a lot of dust and grime while driving. All of that grime slowly chips away at your vehicle’s paint, exposing the sheet metal beneath. Environmental elements are especially rough on your vehicle’s exterior. And once the sheet metal is exposed, the rust moves in and gets very comfortable. Once it starts eating at your sheet metal, it can be tough and expensive to eradicate. Not only is rust unsightly, but it can expose vehicle components to the elements that are not meant to be exposed.

When you've spent so much on your car, why not look after it and ensure it looks its best? Keeping your car in the best possible condition can be made a simpler task with Pretoria’s top car wash professionals – Carty Carvenience!

At Carty Carvenience, we are your one-stop car wash professionals. We have taken the car wash industry to the next level and have brought about transformation in the South African car wash and car detailing industry. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and the finest quality car wash and detail services for those who require that higher than standard care.


We Have Two Convenient Branches

Both our branches are staffed with highly qualified professionals offering a full range of cleaning service options. We offer a quick wash and vacuum service at our Woodlands branch with a hand wash and high pressure rinse and detailing service at our Garsfontein branch. We handle all makes and models, from cleaning the toughest commercial vehicles to expert detailing and hand washing your antique or luxury vehicle.

Any car wash can simply wash your car, but we give you the edge in personalised service and attention to detail. We are the car wash professionals that have been providing vehicle owners, insurance companies and auto dealerships throughout Gauteng with the very best, most convenient and economical professional car care services. We are passionate about keeping your car in showroom condition - simply drop your car and shop while we wash your car to perfection - you'll be delighted to drive off in a sparkling like-new car!

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