Car Wash

Points to Consider with a Car Wash


A comprehensive car wash is not limited to the vehicle exterior. A proper full service car wash includes interior vacuum and cleaning, which we refer to as detailing. This type of wash usually starts with a hand wash of the exterior using special shampoo that won’t cause streaks and damage to the vehicle’s paint. This step is important in getting the stubborn dirt from the paint work. Though full detailing is definitely too expensive for a weekly wash, it is worth it if you want to prepare the vehicle for selling or a special occasion.


Proper steam cleaning of the engine helps to remove dirt and debris that can affect the performance of the vehicle and the longevity of the various car parts. However, it is essential that the steam clean operator have experience in using the equipment in order to avoid damage to the seals. Steam jet cleaning of the vehicle exterior is highly effective in removing dirt and saves a lot of water. With no harsh chemicals used, the process is certainly also more environmentally friendly than the conventional car-wash systems.


The vehicle soap used must be of high quality and suitable for regular usage. It is imperative to use soap that won’t strip the wax of the vehicle’s paint work. A tip for home washes – never use dish washing liquid as it is simply too harsh on the paint work.



Where to wash your car


Visit the Woodlands or Garsfontein Carty Carvenience car wash centres for professional washing, vacuuming, detailing and valet services. We have been in business for over 14 years and have developed the business service offering based on a proven USA model for super-convenience, fast service and professionalism throughout.


Our car wash at Woodlands Boulevard is conveniently located in the phase 2 basement parking and be reached from the entrance to the new basement parking at the middle traffic circle of the mall-road. You can shop, watch a movie or dine while we wash and vacuum your car or you can opt for a full valet. Our midweek specials make the services even more affordable.


We pay attention to detail including every corner and bend of the vehicle and with our high pressure washing system we can guarantee that your vehicle’s paint work will stay in tip-top condition. Our valet service includes deep cleaning of the interior, a full polish and glaze or the combination you want. You can also have the exterior protected against environmental factors through the body protect service with a full year protection against industrial fall-out.



Visit us today or make use of one of our amazing package deals for regular washes and thus great savings. 

Professional Car Wash

Choose a Professional Car Wash Service for Best Results

Choosing a professional car wash service is the first step in maintaining your vehicle. Dust, debris, mud and daily exposure to air pollution, sun and rain will over the long-term lead to dulling of the vehicle’s surface. The engine will become dirty, which can lead to mechanical or electronic problems if such build-up is not addressed.

When people enter and exit the vehicle their hands touch various parts of the interior. With sweat, dirt on the hands and sometimes sweet stickiness, such dirt will leave a mark whether on the roof, lights, dashboard, door panels or seats. A clean vehicle will last longer because people will respect it since they can see that you care about it.

Indeed, vehicle retailers understand the importance of a clean and well-kept car and that’s why so many dealers bring their cars to us for professional washing and detailing before putting the cars on the showroom floors. They know that they can get higher prices for their vehicles when the cars shine, smell fresh, and are scratch as well as dent-free.

Whether you want to wash and detail your vehicle as part of normal maintenance or need to give it an in-depth clean and polish for the purpose of selling it, you will appreciate the affordability of our wide range of services.

If you are a retailer, don’t risk having to settle for a lower selling price because of little scratches or a dirty engine. Bring your vehicle to our Garsfontein facility for an engine clean, deep clean wash, drying, polishing, and scratch as well as dent removal. With our full valet services in addition to paintless dent repairs, we will help you add value to the vehicle.


The above brings us to the important aspects of how to choose a professional car wash facility. You’ll want a facility that offers:


  • Shaded wash and dry areas to prevent streaks on the paint because of soap drying on the exterior before it can be washed off. If the vehicle is washed and polished in direct sunlight, the risk of damage to the paint is increased.
  • Deep-clean high pressure and hand wash services – help to minimise the risk of damage to the vehicle. 
  • Full supervision of workers – to eliminate the risk of theft or damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle.
  • Wide range of services – which include from basic washes to full valet services, tyre and dashboard polish, 3C Glaze protection system to protect the paint against environmental factors, scratch and dent removal, window chip repairs and panel respraying.


We offer the above and more at our Carty Carvenience Garsfontein facility. For express and normal deep washes you can also make use of the Woodlands facility in Pretoria East.

Carwash Pretoria

Carwash Service Suited for Car Dealers and Insurance Companies in Pretoria East

Carty Carvenience offers a professional carwash and dent repair facility in Garsfontein, Pretoria East, for individual car owners, insurance companies and vehicle dealers. Numerous companies already trust us to deep-clean, repair scratches and dents, as well as steam-clean and valet their vehicles before selling them.

Some of our esteemed clients are:


  • Audi Centre Menlyn
  • Hollard Insurance
  • Glasfit Menlyn
  • Barloworld Toyota Menlyn
  • Chris Cloete Motors
  • Indequity Specialized Insurance Ltd.
  • MICA
  • Exhaust & Tyre City Menlyn
  • Quicksure Insurance
  • Regent Insurance
  • Santam Care of PSG
  • Smart Insurance
  • McCarthy Toyota Hatfield
  • Volkswagen Menlyn
  • Western National Insurance


We Use a Proven Business Model

We have developed our vehicle washing, detailing, and surface repair business model based on a well-proven USA concept to offer a turn-key solution for vehicle owners, dealers and insurers. The term we use to describe the service is known as “Carvenience” – for complete convenience to the car owner. From express wash to detailed washing, protection polishing, steam cleaning, odour removal, as well as bumper repairs, scratch and dent repairs, paintless dent repairs, panel spraypainting and windscreen repairs are offered at a single well-planned facility conveniently located in the East of Pretoria.


Well-trained Personnel

Each of the employees has been thoroughly trained and more training is done on a continuous basis to ensure optimal results for the client. Our panel sprayers and dent removal technicians are qualified and experienced. With quality control systems in place, affordable prices and fast service, it is no wonder why so many insurers and vehicle dealers already make use of our services and many of these already became regular customers.


Our Aim

We just have one main focus and that is to elevate vehicle care to a higher and professional level in South Africa. We do this through the use of advanced technology, best vehicle care products available, and well-trained employees.


Professional Service Offering

Though there are many carwash services in Pretoria, few offer the unique combinations of washing, polishing and repairs at one location. We have combined minor panel beating, dent and windscreen repairs as well as body glaze protection services to give clients a one-stop-service.

Our team consists of vehicle washers, artisans, qualified technical personnel, spray painters and a panel beater. When you thus make use of our services you can expect consistent superior quality.


Well-planned Layout

Our facilities have been designed specifically to improve the flow of vehicles through the carwash and drying system, panel beating, painting and repairs. We take extra time in planning the work schedule, movement of vehicles and management of jobs. This helps us to handle more vehicles at a time without ever compromising on the quality of the service offering. Vehicle dealers and insurers appreciate our organisation and attention to detail, helping them to get more vehicles repaired and cleaned within a shorter timeframe.


Specialised Functions and Facilities

We know how important it is to have a dust and oil free paint application and also know the importance of well cured paint.  As such, we have built in a specialized spray booth-oven to ensure dust-free compartments and the perfect spray environments.  This also takes care of the environment since it is fitted with the correct filters to eliminate harmful particles from evaporating into the environment.


Top Quality Products

If you buy cheap and low quality products, you cannot expect long lasting quality. Accordingly, we never compromise on the quality of our products. That being said, we also understand that any such service must be cost-effective and thus plan usage, ensure correct applications and minimise spills to help keep the prices competitive.

Whether you need monthly fleet car washing, run a vehicle rental service and want to ensure that the cars are clean, protected and odour free or are a car dealer, you will appreciate our:


  • Competitive prices not only on the car washes, but also the specialised services.
  • Professional conduct and well-trained personnel.
  • High quality products.
  • Extensive service offering.
  • Years of experience and proven track record.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Quality control measures.
  • Guarantees on products such as Carty-3C Glaze and colour matching.

Contact us for a quote or to discuss your company’s carwash and dent repair requirements in Pretoria.

Scratch and Dent Repair

Quick and High Quality Minor Scratch and Dent Repair at an Affordable Price


Carty Carvenience in Garsfontein offers affordable scratch and dent repair services to vehicle dealers and private individuals alike. The express repair service entails the repair of scratches and chips, spray-paint of full panels, and repair of paint blemishes. We make use of the Glasurit colour match technology and guarantee excellent results. Such repairs can be done within one to five days, meaning that you won’t be without a vehicle for weeks on end.


We also offer the Carty paintless dent repair service where we remove minor dents without the need for repainting. This type of repair takes a maximum of half-a-day.


Paintless Dent Repair Service


Leaving small dents can mean getting a lower price for your vehicle and if you thus want people to appreciate the car rather than look at the minor dents, it’s essential to repair such. You no longer have to replace a complete panel just because of one dent and no re-spraying is required. Vehicle dealers often make use of the service to ensure that they can ask a market related price for a vehicle.


Though many dealerships know about the existence of this affordable way to repair minor dents, most vehicle owners still don’t, and end up paying more for vehicle body repairs than they have to.


We use specially made tools and advanced methods for paintless dent removal and can use the technique on just about any type of vehicle panel. With this method, there’s no need for sanding or filling up of a dent with body filler. Once done, you won’t be able to spot where the dent was. And best of all – it is done within half-a-day.


With the increase in usage of resilient paint finishes, it’s now possible to quickly repair dents without having to go through the normal panel repairing channels. Cars from 1990 onwards and new cars are best suited for this repair type. Dents near the edge of the vehicle body panel are not well-suited for the repair method and where the paint has cracked because of the dent, we recommend using our normal panel and re-spray services for optimal results. Previously repaired panels are also better suited for complete replacement or major dent repair and re-spraying.


Because no filler is used, the vehicle value won’t be affected. Normally, when people suspect a previous accident, they feel over the panel and may also knock lightly on the panel to find any filler spots. With this method of repair, the metal is simply pushed back into its original form using special tools and advanced techniques.


Benefits include:


·         Fast repair – can be done within half-a-day.

·         No need for body filler.

·         No re-spraying needed.

·         No risk of over spraying.

·         Exceptionally affordable service.

·         Original paint isn’t affected.

·         Value of vehicle is retained.


We furthermore provide an express scratch and dent repair service that includes removal of paint blemishes, scratches, bumper scuffs, cracks and chips. We spray paint full panels using the Glasurit colour match and offer a guarantee on the perfect colour match. Our qualified artisans do the repairs which take between one and five days.


Other Repairs


It’s imperative to repair windscreen chips as to avoid the chips from expanding and becoming cracks. The chips can be repaired within 30 minutes. In addition, to the above services, our vehicle body protect service using the Carty-3C glaze will help to protect the panels from environmental and industrial elements for up to a year. The service product is guaranteed to work.


Prolong the beauty of your vehicle by keeping it dent free. Visit our Garsfontein Centre for immediate and professional assistance at an affordable price.

Carty Car Wash Services

Carty Car Wash Services in Pretoria to Keep Your Vehicle Sparkling Clean


Though there’s no lack of car wash services in Pretoria, few can compare with the Carty Carvenience service offering in terms of:


·         Range of service offerings

·         Quality of cleaning

·         Package offerings

·         Convenience

·         Guarantees

·         Competitive pricing

·         Speed of services


We operate two centres in:


·         Woodlands Express

·         Garsfontein


The Woodlands centre is perfectly suited for normal car wash and valet services. And because of its convenient location, patrons can even go shopping while we bring their vehicles back to sparkling clean. The Garsfontein centre is a minor dent and paint repair centre in addition to the range of car wash and valet services on offer.


Services offered at Woodlands include:


·         Express Wash & Vacuum

·         Elite Valet & Polish

·         Special Packages

·         Body Protect


Car Wash Services offered at Garsfontein include:


·         Express Wash & Detail

·         Elite Valet & Polish

·         Body Protect

·         Special Packages

·         Odour Removal

·         Power Steam Clean


Other services at Garsfontein include:


·         Windscreen Repair

·         Paintless Dent Repair

·         Body Repair & Paint


Express Wash & Vacuum


There’s no need to spend hours at the centre. If you want your car to be sparkling clean, simply have us clean the vehicle while you’re enjoying a beverage or a bit of shopping. Apart from the quick wash and vacuum packages for those in a hurry, we also offer the high-pressure rinse and hand wash services. Use the latter if you’re vehicle has mud or dirt marks on or if you’ve been to the ocean or dam. Our Garsfontein centre offers a detailed cleaning service, well-suited for people who want to showcase their vehicles.


Elite Valet & Polish


Looking to impress with a squeaky clean car? Want to sell your vehicle and thus create the right first impression? Are you a car dealer, wanting to put a vehicle on the stand? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we suggest the Elite Valet & Polish service which entails deep cleaning of the interior, a polish and glaze or any combination for the best possible results. The Garsfontein centre also offers you a full engine and chassis cleaning service.


Body Protect


The polish and glaze products help to protect your vehicle against industrial and environmental factors. It’s recommended that you use the service at least once annually to prolong the beauty and shine of the vehicle body. Our Carty-3C glaze is guaranteed.




We offer two amazing specials. The unlimited package entails a one or three month package at a reduced rate and unlimited usage thereof during the specified period. The coupon booklets entail 10 coupons / services for the price of 8.


Not only do we offer superior services, but make them exceptionally affordable through our specials and booklet services.

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