Windscreen Chip Repair

Investing in Proper Windscreen Repair

Having a broken or chipped windscreen is not only an extreme annoyance; it is also a threat to you and every other passenger in your vehicle. While it isn’t always convenient to take the time and have it fixed, you should act promptly if a chip is noticed on the windscreen. The reason why prompt action is key is because the longer you leave it before getting proper windscreen repair, the chip will expand and cause a lot more damage than if it had been contained. Having your car’s windshield repaired will get you back on the road and allow you to safely continue to your journey.

There are those who mistakenly believe that if their car’s window becomes chipped, that they need to replace the entire windshield. This is not true any longer, thanks to great technology that has revolutionised the windscreen repair industry. There are now many windscreen repair options available for damaged windshields and glass, without having to replace the entire screen.

A simple chip repair can be done in as little as thirty minutes, which will be a lot easier on your schedule and pocket to let the chip develop into a far more severe type of damage. This could easily lead to complete windshield replacement needing to take place. You will have to dedicate a lot more resources and time to windshield replacement instead of just having it repaired when it is necessary.


Carty Carvenience Windscreen Repair and Other Services

We provide competitively priced and professional windscreen repair at our Garsfontein workshop. Our technicians are trained and experienced in using the latest equipment to quickly fix a chip and prevent it from escalating into a more serious problem.

Aside from our leading windscreen repair services, we also offer a host of other value adding products and services. These include our popular paintless dent repair services where we are able to remove door dings and minor dents without even needing to repaint.

The Carty Express Wash and Detail is the best quality, no scratches wash and detail service available. We use hand wash and high pressure rinse techniques with a detailed wash and vacuum package to leave your car beautifully clean and shiny looking in no time.

If you are looking for affordable and expert windscreen repair for your vehicle then look no further than Carty Carvenience. We will have you back on the road and safely on your journey in no time. 

Dent Removal

Professional Dent Removal Services at Carty Carvenience


Having a minor accident can be quite annoying, especially if it is in a conspicuous area and you are worried about the cost of having the whole area replaced. Dent removal has come a long way over the years and now you can expect to be able to acquire these services where the dent is removed without replacing the whole panel or even cracking the paint. This method makes use of great modern technology and skill. At Carty Carvenience we are able to offer this particular service at our Garsfontein branch in Gauteng.


While our branch in Woodlands is able to offer you a variety of services, it unfortunately does not cater to body repairs and so on. By approaching our Garsfontein branch for assistance you can be provided with an all-inclusive and detailed quotation to consider. Our team will ensure that you are offered the best possible rate and that someone is available to discuss and explain the process involved with you.  


This particular repair service that we offer is ideal for removing minor dings, creases and dents in doors and side panels. Sometimes the cost to repair an entire panel is simply not worth it for a minor dent. By chatting to our team, you can be advised on what the best repair method for your vehicle is and can make an informed decision about the right course of action. The most convenient part of this type of repair is that there will be no need to repaint after the service. Depending on the location of the dent and how busy our workshop is, it should take around 2 hours to have the service completed. Our team of staff members handling these specific tasks are qualified and experienced in the field and promise to provide you with a service that is absolutely professional and efficient at all times.


We also offer body repair services which also see to the removal of small dents, chips and scratches in the paintwork. We understand that these can ruin the appeal of your vehicle and even decrease its value and so set to work providing our clients with a professional and reliable service that will have their vehicle looking good as new in no time at all. These repairs that may require repainting are generally completed in 1-5 business days. Our aim is to have your vehicle back to you as soon as possible without taking shortcuts. With this service we make sure that only qualified artisans handle your vehicle and that you are provided with a Glasurit colour match service too – this ensures that the paint used on your vehicle when touching up or repairing is an exact match.


Regardless of which service you are interested in, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be treated with care and that the tasks carried out will be done professionally and according to the high standards that we impose on ourselves. Value for money and an undeniable high quality of workmanship is guaranteed when doing business with us. We want nothing more than to make sure that you are able to enjoy your time spent dealing with us at Carty Carvenience.


At Carty Carvenience we focus our attention on providing our clients with a service that is simply ideal for their needs as well as their budget. We treat all of our jobs with the same amount of urgency and you can expect a dedicated and friendly service at all times, regardless of how much work is involved in your particular task. For dent removal and other repair services, turn to Carty Carvenience today.

Car Care

Car Care Services for You in Gauteng


Keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition can be made a simple task with the assistance of Carty Carvenience. With us various car care tasks and chores are quickly attended to and completed. We ensure that you are presented with a wealth of service options made available at a cost-effective rate.


Carty Carvenience has two branches available to assist you in the Gauteng area. Our Garsfontein branch is able to offer you body repair and paint, windscreen repair, dent repair where the paint is not cracked, odour removal, steam cleaning, body protect with polish and glaze, express wash, and detail and elite valet and polish services. Our Woodlands offers you slightly different services. While we do not offer any repair services, we do give you the chance to have your car cleaned with these services: express wash and vacuum; elite valet; and polish and body protect with polish and glaze. Both branches offer special packages where you can purchase coupons for discounted services.


When it comes to taking good care of your car you will need to speak to the professionals in the field about the best methods. Both interior and exterior care must be provided by professionals who know what products to use and how to best ensure that your vehicle remains in excellent condition for the longest possible time.


At Carty Carvenience we guarantee that we provide our clients with an all inclusive solution for all your repairs, maintenance and cleaning needs. We make use of only the finest quality equipment and detergents and those who are involved with technical or complicated processes and repairs are qualified and experience in the field – for your peace of mind.


We provide our services to many companies with fleets of vehicles that need to be maintained and taken care of, with insurance companies being of our most loyal customers. Our services are known to be an absolute convenience for car owners and our loyal client base is evidence enough of our reliability, professionalism and affordability.  We are available to discuss your needs and requirements at both of our branches at any time, so feel free to contact us at your convenience.


When it comes to professional car care services that won’t cost you a fortune, we at Carty Carvenience know exactly what you need. Chat to our friendly and approachable team members who will ensure you are presented with your options and assisted with booking your vehicle in for its repair, maintenance or cleaning. 

Spray Painting a Car

Spray Painting Automotive body panels Professionally with the Help of Carty Carvenience


Spray painting automotive body panels is not something that just anyone should try. Regardless of the reasons for your vehicle needing a new coat of paint, you need to have complete peace of mind that the vehicle has been properly sealed to avoid rust and also that the actual spraying is done professionally so as to avoid runs and imperfections in the paint and final finish itself. At Carty Carvenience’s Garsfontein branch we offer a repair and paint service that will have your car looking great again in no time at all.


The service itself includes a great deal more than just full panels being spray-painted. We also offer express repair services for dents, scratches and chips in the paint work. If you are worried about matching up the colours of the paint, do not fear. At Carty Carvenience we offer Glasurit colour match service which is guaranteed to have your newly sprayed panels looking the same as the rest of your vehicle. You can expect for your repair services to take between 1 and 5 working days. Each task is carried out only by qualified and experienced artisans, which will provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the hands of a team that you can certainly trust to get the job done right.


While we work quickly, we never compromise on the quality of our service provided when spray painting automotive body panels and will ensure that everything is handled absolutely professionally. Before your vehicle is signed back over to you, you will meet with the team to inspect the work that has been completed.


Our body paint and repair service is only available at our Garsfontein branch. We are open at this branch Monday to Friday from 07:15 until 17:00 and for estimation on automotive damages on Saturdays from 8:30 to 12:00, but CLOSED on Sundays and public holidays.  


Carty Carvenience opened its doors for business in 2000 and has spent the years following building on service excellence, product quality and all-round client satisfaction. We provide our services to the general public as well as companies that have fleets of vehicles or a high number of vehicles that need servicing. This includes transport companies, insurance companies and so on. Our business concept is to provide vehicle owners with a complete vehicle repair and maintenance convenience which we have termed “Carvenience”. We will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your every need is met and that we do our best to provide you with a service that will have your vehicle looking great and you feeling good about it too.


We provide stable jobs to about 44 people in total who have become part of the Carty Carvenience family. We are BEE compliant and have a rating of 4. We ensure that our status is always good and that we keep this in mind when seeking new employees to join our team.


At Carty Carvenience we ensure that we are always available to talk to our customers. If you need some advice on having your vehicle repaired, touched up or certain panels to be repaired and spraypainted, simply give us a call and one of our experienced and qualified artisans will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. We apologize, but we don’t offer structural automotive body repairs e.g. chassis straightning.


You can mail sufficient photos of the damage on your vehicle, add to this your vehicle and contact details and we will get in contact with you to provide you with an estimate.  This can be forwarded to us via e-mail.  You are also more than welcome to drive in during working hours to show us the damage in order to get a more precise estimate of the cost to repair the damage.  We can also assist you with an cost estimate for your insurance claim.


Take some time to browse through our service offerings on our website. Turn to us when you need a reliable and cost-effective service provider to assist you with spray painting a car of any type. We will ensure that your car looks fabulous again in as short a time span as possible. 

Car Wash

Car Wash Services Available in Garsfontein and Woodlands, Gauteng


People who live and work in Gauteng knows that one thing we do have is dirty air filled with dust. Combine this with the pace of lifestyle where everything is always rushed and you will soon agree that Gautengers, as the rest of the country calls us, is in need of a reliable service centre to wash their vehicles. Choosing a car wash company to spruce up your vehicle is something you should do with care. While the cost involved is important, so is the level of service excellence and at Carty Carvenience we can ensure that you are absolutely satisfied – and this is guaranteed.


Both our Garsfontein and Woodlands branches offer an express service where you can deliver your vehicle for a complete clean – inside and out. Here we ensure that you are provided with a wash and detail service that is scratch free and quick. We can offer you a vacuum service as well as a high pressure rinse and hand-wash.


At Carty Carvenience we are dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle receives a clean that will make it look absolutely fabulous. Our staff members are well-trained and experienced which means that you can expect every inch of your vehicle to be properly cleaned and shining. We have 13 years of experience in our field and market, and will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are provided with a service that you will be ecstatic about. Regardless of what vehicle you drive or how old it is, if you want to increase its aesthetic appeal, bring it in for a good onceover by our team. At our Woodlands branch we are ideally located close to a variety of shops. This means that you can leave your vehicle in our care and we will ensure that it is clean and ready for you on your return after shopping.


You are bound to find that our rates are reasonable and while our team works quickly, no shortcuts are taken when it comes to the cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Pop in to our Woodlands or Garsfontein branches and chat to our friendly staff members about the various types of services we can offer you. You will find that we also offer body repair and paint, Elite valet and polish, windscreen repair, body protect service, odour removal and steam cleaning at our Garsfontein branch. At our Woodlands branch we offer additional services such as Elite valet and polish and body protect.


Turn to us when looking for a reliable car wash team to service your needs. At Carty Carvenience we are standing by to take care of your every vehicle cleaning need. 

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