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Book Your Vehicle in for a Professional Car Valet Service


At Carty Carvenience you can expect to be provided with a car valet service that is simply second to none. Our processes and procedures are based on an American concept where all of your vehicle needs and requirements can be met in one place. We are located in Pretoria, Gauteng, and have branches in Garsfontein and Woodlands.


When bringing your vehicle in for a wash and polish it will be done efficiently and professionally. Our aim is to make sure that your vehicle looks almost as good as the day you bought it, and with our specialised equipment and qualified staff members, there is every reason to believe that you will be ecstatic with the end result. 


You can rest assured that we make use of only the finest quality products on the market as we believe that only the very best will do for your vehicle. While we are not the cheapest on the market, we do encourage our clients to make comparisons with other service providers who might be able to offer you a cheaper rate, but simply cannot compare in terms of what is on offer for the price that we charge.


We offer an ELITE valet and polish service that can greatly increase the value of your vehicle. This is the best professional cleaning service to hit the market since as early as 2000. Once we have cleaned the outside of your vehicle we will take things a step further to cleaning your engine and chassis and then even deep clean your upholstery and roofline. Polish and glaze can also form part of the valet service which will give your vehicle that extra shine.  With us, YOU determine which of the items we offer on an ELITE valet is needed on your vehicle.  With our advice we can put a package together best suited to your vehicle at the specific time.


We also offer an EXPRESS wash and detail service where your vehicle where you vehicle is rinsed off with high pressure before its hand washed. This is done in good order to prevent scratches. The inside of your vehicle will be vacuumed to remove any dirt present. 


At Carty Carvenience we offer a range of other services too such as windscreen repair, body and paint repair, paint-less dent repair and so much more. Our services are extensive and our clients are of the utmost importance to us. 


If you are looking for a car valet service in the Gauteng area and want nothing but the very best for your vehicle, then Carty Carvenience is certainly the place to go – we offer this service at both of our branches. Chat to one of our consultants about taking your vehicle or company fleet of vehicles to Carty Carvenience for a thorough cleaning service today. 

Bumper Repairs

Effective Bumper Repairs – Book Your Vehicle in Today


If you own a car then you are probably very aware of just how easily accidents can happen. It could happen due to your own fault, or the fault of another road user, but at the end of the day damages will need to be repaired. Unfortunately scratches, dents, dings and similar can occur at any particular time and if these happen to your bumpers, you will need the services of a reliable team to assist you. At Carty Carvenience we provide you with affordable bumper repairs that will have your vehicle looking as good as new.


We understand that a scratch or dent can ruin the overall look of your car and if you want to ensure that your vehicle reflects an upmarket image then having these fixed up as soon as possible is advised. We offer express repairs to any blemishes in the paint, chips, scratches, scuffs and even cracks to the bumper area of your car. We are able to replace entire pieces, spray paint full panels and so on. We ensure your complete peace of mind by making use of the Glasurit system which allows us to match colours perfectly and provide a guarantee on this.


Our team consists of professional individuals with experience in the automotive repair industry. We only employ the most qualified and experienced artisans to carry out repair work too at our Garsfontein branch. Efficiency is important to us at all times - this means that we will carry out tasks to perfection within 1 to 5 working days. We understand that you probably need your vehicle and will certainly not keep you waiting unnecessarily. While our team works swiftly, we simply never compromise on the quality of our workmanship and accuracy.


While we have branches in both Garsfontein and Woodlands, it is our Garsfontein branch that you should visit for any repair tasks that you need carried out. If you aren’t sure about your budget and what such repair work would cost, we encourage you to bring your vehicle in so that one of our friendly staff members can assess the situation and further provide you with an accurate quotation. Let our team know what your available budget is so that we can best advise you on the right options for you.


We operate between the hours of 7.30am and 5pm during the week which means there is plenty of time to get the task done when you leave your vehicle with us. We are available to chat to you at any time via telephone or email and also appreciate clients popping in for a visit or a chat. Serving your needs to the best of our ability is a number one priority for us at Carty Carvenience.


At Carty Carvenience we offer a whole host of other services that you might find of interest too. These include ELITE car washing, EXPRESS car washing, polish and glaze, paint-less dent repair, body and paint repair, windscreen repair, steam cleaning and odour removal services. We encourage both individuals and companies with a fleet of vehicles to make use of our services – regardless of which you are, you are guaranteed a friendly, professional and affordable service at all times.


When it comes to finding a team that offers the best bumper repairs services on the market then you have come to just the right place, chat to us at Carty Carvenience. We will ensure that your car is repaired and back on the road in no time at all. For more information and advice, we encourage you to chat directly to one of our experienced and professional team members at either of our branches. 

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