Car Dent Removal

Express High-Quality Car Dent Removal Services in Garsfontein

Car dent removal must be done professionally. The problem, however, is the cost of such repairs. Many vehicle owners drive around in vehicles with small dents simply because the quotes they receive for repairs are extremely high. Another problem associated with the process is the time it takes. Not everyone has two or three weeks to wait for dent and scratch removal. If not enough, there’s also the issue of how it’s done. Cheap often means poor quality work and because of such, companies and individuals sometimes opt for the most expensive repairs simply because they associate price with good work.



Carty Carvenience, located in the East of Pretoria, is a trusted dent removal and car wash and valet company. Our prices are market related. We use quality products and advanced equipment to get the job done. With such, we’re able to repair dents in a shorter than normal period and for small paintless repairs you can expect the job to be done in around half a day. Our express service is used by fleet owners, vehicle dealers, insurance companies, and individuals alike.

With the right equipment, a clean working environment, well-trained personnel and unwavering dedication to quality work, we’ve earned our reputation as a centre focussed on excellence.


Service Offering

Even one dent or ding will lower the vehicle’s value and spoil its overall appearance. As such, you need experts to help restore the beauty of your vehicle. We provide an express body repair and paint service to remove dents, blemishes, scratches and chips.

Our service offering includes the repair of cracks and bumper scuffs.  Qualified artisans spray paint full panels and we use the Glasurit colour match system with the guarantee of colour matching. Repairs can be done within one to five days.

Not all vehicle body damage requires intensive repairs. You can save money by making use of our paintless dent repair service for smaller dents, dings and creases. This type of repair takes around half a day and you’ll have the vehicle back in no time.

The Carty body protect service can be used to protect the vehicle against industrial and environmental fallout. Through the Carty-3C polish and glaze program you can protect the vehicle against environmental elements for up to a year.

Some of the companies that make use of our valet, repair and express services include, but are not limited to Hollard Insurance, Smart Insurance, Santam, Regent Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Barloworld Toyota Menlyn, McCarthy Volkswagen Menlyn, Audi Centre Menlyn, Glasfit and many others. They trust our workmanship and appreciate our reasonable pricing, shouldn’t you?  Bring your vehicles to the Carty Carvenience centre in Garsfontein, Pretoria for professional dent removal today.

Auto Body Repairs Pretoria

Auto Body Repairs in Pretoria – Avoid Costly Mistakes

People often complain about the quality of auto body repairs. To avoid the issue, it’s best to make use of a reputable auto body repair centre such as Carty Carvenience in Garsfontein, Pretoria. You’ll find that our work is impeccable, quotes reliable and turn-around time is fast.


When you bring your vehicle to us for panel spraying, dent and scratch removal, you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with the mistakes discussed below. We do the job right every time.


Avoid the following possible mistakes when you take your vehicle for Auto-body Repairs

Colours Not Matching

If the repair shop doesn’t use a proven system to get a perfect match, you may end up with the door slightly darker or lighter than the surrounding panels. This is a common mistake, made by inexperienced artisans working without scientific equipment. Most often the colours will look like they match in the repair shop light, but only once you take the vehicle outside will the natural light reveal the difference in colour. Fluorescent lights can also be used to see whether there’s a colour difference.

At Carty Carvenience in Pretoria, we make use of the Glasurit colour match system and qualified spray painters for perfect matching. Indeed, we guarantee a perfect colour match ensuring that you can expect the best quality work throughout.


Messy Paint Application

Before a panel can be sprayed the artisan must mask surrounding areas unless he removes the panel before spraying. If any adjacent section is not masked, you’ll find traces of spray on it. You can spot the mistake by inspecting the areas immediately adjacent to the panel or area painted. Look at the trims and see if you note any fogginess.

When you bring a vehicle to Carty Carvenience, we take the time to prepare the area surrounding the panel or area to be sprayed and or remove the panel where relevant. As such, you won’t find sloppy spray work and traces of over spraying on an adjacent area.


How to Avoid Rip-Offs


  • Your insurer may direct you to a specific repair shop, but even so it will be important to check that the work is done properly. Numerous insurance companies including Hollard and Santam make use of our services, attesting to the affordability and high quality of our services.


  • We recommend that you always get an estimate before doing any repairs on your vehicle. If the price seems too high at a repair shop, get an estimate from another reputable shop. You’ll find that we regularly offer specials, price market related and don’t skim on work to save ourselves money.


  • Always check the general rating of a repair shop. If the auto body repair shop is located in Pretoria you can also drive by to see how many clients they have. In addition, review the company’s website and client list. Larger firms support repair centres that have proven their worth and we have a long list of satisfied and regular clients such as Volkswagen Menlyn, Audi Centre Menlyn, Smart Insurance, Regent Insurance and more.


  • A company that’s proud of its work will provide you with a guarantee on their products and service delivery. Be sure to get the guarantee on paper and read the terms and conditions. You’ll find that we honour our word and because our reputation is important to us, ensure that all work is done professionally and with care.


Not only do we offer a range of express body repairs, but also full valet and car wash, as well as body protect glaze services. We can thus offer you a complete range of services at one location. It’s more convenient for you, and you can also expect to save money and time.

View our range of services and contact us for a quote today.

Auto Body Repairs

Professional Minor Auto Body Repairs and Cleaning Services for Vehicle Owners in Pretoria

Located at the corner of Delfi and Sunbird Avenue in Pretoria East, our Carty Carvenience Garsfontein branch provides an extensive range of auto body repair services. We’re open from 7:30 to 17:00 during the week and from 7:30 to 13:00 on Saturdays.


The range of auto body repair and wash services include, but are not limited to:


  • Power steam clean
  • Body repair and paint
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Body protect
  • Windscreen repair
  • Odour removal
  • Express wash and detail
  • Elite valet and polish


Our clients range from individual owners to vehicle sellers and insurance brokers, including the likes of Santam, Hollard Insurance, SMART, REGENT, Barlows Toyota, Volkswagen, Glasfit and other traders in Menlyn and surrounding areas and many others of which a full list can be seen under the Our Clients section at our website.


Auto Body Repairs & Paint

Living and working in Pretoria also means that your vehicle is always at risk of getting damaged. Even small dents and paint blemishes or cracks can lower the value and aesthetic appeal of the vehicle significantly. But, we offer you a workable solution.

Simply bring your car to our Garsfontein centre to have the blemishes, chips and scratches removed without having to wait weeks before having your vehicle back. Our services include from express repair of dents, bumper scuffs and cracks to full spray painting of panels. We provide you with Glasurit colour matching and can guarantee our work because we have a team of qualified artisans known for their passion for perfection. The auto body repairs can be done in one to five days, depending on the extent of repairs needed.


Paintless Dent Repairs

If there are only small dings, creases and dents we can remove such without having to repaint the panel. This type of repair can be done within two four hours. It’s not only a time-saving service, but also one that saves you money and keeps the body of your vehicle in tip-top condition.


Hail Damage

With the recent hail storms in our area, you will be glad to know that we can assist you in getting the dents fix caused by these hail storms on your vehicle.  We also assist you with the insurance claim regarding these damages.  Your car can be without dents in a matter of days!


Windscreen Repairs

Driving behind a truck can be hazardous. The wind can easily blow debris from the truck right onto your windscreen. If you leave the chip for too long it can easily become a full size crack. Chips can also hinder sight, which can lead to accidents. Prevent this from happening to you. Simply repair the chip or chips within 30 minutes at Carty Carvenience.


Carty Body Protect

Environmental and industrial elements are among the top reasons for deterioration of the auto body’s shine and lustre. By simply bringing your vehicle to the Carty Carvenience Garsfontein branch once a year for a Carty polish and 3C glaze, the vehicle body will be protected for a full year against wear and tear caused by UV rays, rain, washing, dust and other particles.


Carty Power Steam Clean

If you plan on selling your vehicle, you’ll want the engine to look as new. Even if you only want to prolong the lifespan of the engine, especially after a visit to a coastal region, you’ll want to have your vehicle’s engine and chassis high pressure steam cleaned. Oil and dust residue is successfully removed and rust as a result from sea minerals prevented with our power steam clean service.


Odour Removal

Remove odours permanently with our Ozone procedure. We make use of advanced technology to ensure that your vehicle will smell fresh and as new.


Car Wash

Apart from the above services, we also offer express wash & detailing as well as elite valet and polishing services.

Whether you’re selling vehicles, own a fleet of vehicles or need repairs done on your own vehicle, you’ll appreciate our professional service delivery. We’re proud of our work and reputation. And this is why we can guarantee our work.

Remember clean sells and dents or odours lower the value of a vehicle. Prolong the beauty of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles by making use of our range of auto body repair and cleaning services.


Professional and Affordable Carwash Services at Woodlands Boulevard in Pretoria East

Do you plan on selling your vehicle or trading it in for a new car? Then you should also know that you can get a better price if it’s sparkling clean. For the above, a normal carwash won’t suffice. You’ll want to remove deep seated dirt and odours, protect it against scratches and give it a shine like never before. People look differently at a well-kept vehicle and cleaning it properly is the first step in creating that perception.

We make it possible to wash your car quickly when in a hurry or to have it deep cleaned for special occasions. Our Woodlands Express Car Wash, located in the Phase 2 Basement Parking at the Woodland Boulevard, offers an extensive range of services. Now you can shop while we give your vehicle the “spa treatment”. The carwash is open from 8:00 to 17:00 during weekdays and on Saturdays you can bring your vehicle in for a wash and treatment from 8:00 to 16:00. The services are also available on Sundays and public holidays from 9:00 to 13:00.


Carty Express Wash & Vacuum

If you don’t have all that much time, but certainly don’t want to drive around in a dirty vehicle, we suggest the Express Wash & Vacuum which includes a quick, but thorough wash and vacuum as well as a high-pressure rinse & hand wash option. If you want detailed vacuuming or washing, visit the Garsfontein branch. These packages are well-suited for shoppers who want the convenience of professional carwash services while they shop or relax at the Woodlands Boulevard.


Carty Elite Valet & Polish

This is the service to use to improve the overall appearance and thus potential value of your vehicle. It includes deep cleaning of the interior as well as full polish and glaze or any combination. These services are only offered from Monday to Thursday since we have limited space over busy weekends and Fridays. Make your way to the Garsfontein branch if you want to clean the engine and chassis as well.


Carty Body Protect

Give you vehicle extra protection against environmental effects. With the body protect, you can protect the vehicle paint against damage caused by debris, dust, sun rays, and more. The service includes polishing and glazing to protect against the elements for a full year. Repeat the 3C-glazing applied by Carty Carvenienceannually to prolong the beautiful appearance of your vehicle’s body paint. And best of all – it’s a service that comes with a guarantee!


Special Gift

We offer Coupon Booklets allowing you to get 10 services for 8 coupons. Buy the Unlimited Package for one or three months which gives you unlimited usage of a service for the specified period. Spoil your loved one with a Carty Carvenience gift voucher to be used at our Woodlands or Garsfontein Carwash outlets.

Car Valet Specialists

Protect Your Investments with Car Valet Specialists

Does your car need a valet? A car is a sophisticated piece of machinery and, as such, needs regular maintenance and care. An important part of that upkeep is not mechanical, but is about keeping your car clean and your paintwork protected. Valet services, and regular valeting can help keep your car in excellent condition. Valeting is not an expense, it's an investment, and prevention is better than cure! If you’re looking for professional car valet specialists in the Gauteng area, then look no further than Carty Carvenience.

Carty Carvenience has been in the car valet industry since 2000, and it is our belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our business aim is to elevate car care to a higher level by using the best possible technology and by training our people effectively and continuously. We take great pride in the quality of our services; our car valet specialists are committed to valeting cars to the highest of standards so they are back to showroom prestige condition. With an extensive knowledge of the car valeting industry, you can rest assured when you bring your car to our valet specialists…it’s in the safest of hands.


Our Car Valet Services

Based in Pretoria East, we operate branches in Garsfontein and Woodlands Boulevard, both staffed with highly qualified and skilled car valet specialists. Our car valet specialists do all that they can to keep our car valet services fast, economical and professional by ensuring that you are presented with a variety of value-adding service options to keep your car in tip top shape at all times:


·         Express Wash & Car Detailing – spoil your car in the best quality express wash and car detailing service available in Gauteng, available at our Garsfontein branch and at our Woodlands branch. This includes a hand wash, high pressure rinse and vacuum detailing service.


·         Odour Removal – this world-class innovative technology removes all odours permanently. The ozone (O3) attacks odours at their source. As ozone fills the interior it immediately begins to oxidize tobacco, pet, food and musty odours that cling to surfaces as it flows into air vents, cracks and crevices. This service is found at our Garsfontein branch.


·         Power Steam Clean – a vehicle cannot function reliably if the engine and chassis are contaminated and to combat contamination we use degreasing detergents combined with high pressure steam cleaning. This service is found at our Garsfontein branch.


·         Elite Valet & Polish – our superior elite valet and polish service is guaranteed to significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. Included in this service are engine and chassis polish and glaze and a full interior deep cleaning and roof cleaning. This service is found at both our Garsfontein and Woodlands branches.


·         Carty Body Protect – environmental and industrial fallout can and will destroy your vehicle’s body paint job much faster than you might think. We prevent this with a polish and a glaze that is guaranteed to protect against these damaging elements. This protection treatment is done at both our Garsfontein and Woodlands branches.


As the top car valet specialists in Gauteng, we like to think that valeting is not an expense, it is an investment. We aim to provide vehicle owners, insurance companies and auto dealerships with the best and most convenient car valet services possible. We only use the highest quality products that are uniquely designed, whether it is leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, simulated wood or upholstery, our products are specifically formulated to gently and efficiently clean all interior and exterior surfaces of your car.

Whether you are looking for high end detailing or you want your car looking back to show room condition, simply book your chosen valet service, and we'll do it all for you. We can confidently say you won't get a better service, price or finish anywhere else. Book in now and sit back, relax and our car valet specialists will ensure your car is absolutely beaming.

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