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Choose a Professional Car Wash Service for Best Results

Choosing a professional car wash service is the first step in maintaining your vehicle. Dust, debris, mud and daily exposure to air pollution, sun and rain will over the long-term lead to dulling of the vehicle’s surface. The engine will become dirty, which can lead to mechanical or electronic problems if such build-up is not addressed.

When people enter and exit the vehicle their hands touch various parts of the interior. With sweat, dirt on the hands and sometimes sweet stickiness, such dirt will leave a mark whether on the roof, lights, dashboard, door panels or seats. A clean vehicle will last longer because people will respect it since they can see that you care about it.

Indeed, vehicle retailers understand the importance of a clean and well-kept car and that’s why so many dealers bring their cars to us for professional washing and detailing before putting the cars on the showroom floors. They know that they can get higher prices for their vehicles when the cars shine, smell fresh, and are scratch as well as dent-free.

Whether you want to wash and detail your vehicle as part of normal maintenance or need to give it an in-depth clean and polish for the purpose of selling it, you will appreciate the affordability of our wide range of services.

If you are a retailer, don’t risk having to settle for a lower selling price because of little scratches or a dirty engine. Bring your vehicle to our Garsfontein facility for an engine clean, deep clean wash, drying, polishing, and scratch as well as dent removal. With our full valet services in addition to paintless dent repairs, we will help you add value to the vehicle.


The above brings us to the important aspects of how to choose a professional car wash facility. You’ll want a facility that offers:


  • Shaded wash and dry areas to prevent streaks on the paint because of soap drying on the exterior before it can be washed off. If the vehicle is washed and polished in direct sunlight, the risk of damage to the paint is increased.
  • Deep-clean high pressure and hand wash services – help to minimise the risk of damage to the vehicle. 
  • Full supervision of workers – to eliminate the risk of theft or damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle.
  • Wide range of services – which include from basic washes to full valet services, tyre and dashboard polish, 3C Glaze protection system to protect the paint against environmental factors, scratch and dent removal, window chip repairs and panel respraying.


We offer the above and more at our Carty Carvenience Garsfontein facility. For express and normal deep washes you can also make use of the Woodlands facility in Pretoria East.

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