Scratch and Dent Repair

Quick and High Quality Minor Scratch and Dent Repair at an Affordable Price


Carty Carvenience in Garsfontein offers affordable scratch and dent repair services to vehicle dealers and private individuals alike. The express repair service entails the repair of scratches and chips, spray-paint of full panels, and repair of paint blemishes. We make use of the Glasurit colour match technology and guarantee excellent results. Such repairs can be done within one to five days, meaning that you won’t be without a vehicle for weeks on end.


We also offer the Carty paintless dent repair service where we remove minor dents without the need for repainting. This type of repair takes a maximum of half-a-day.


Paintless Dent Repair Service


Leaving small dents can mean getting a lower price for your vehicle and if you thus want people to appreciate the car rather than look at the minor dents, it’s essential to repair such. You no longer have to replace a complete panel just because of one dent and no re-spraying is required. Vehicle dealers often make use of the service to ensure that they can ask a market related price for a vehicle.


Though many dealerships know about the existence of this affordable way to repair minor dents, most vehicle owners still don’t, and end up paying more for vehicle body repairs than they have to.


We use specially made tools and advanced methods for paintless dent removal and can use the technique on just about any type of vehicle panel. With this method, there’s no need for sanding or filling up of a dent with body filler. Once done, you won’t be able to spot where the dent was. And best of all – it is done within half-a-day.


With the increase in usage of resilient paint finishes, it’s now possible to quickly repair dents without having to go through the normal panel repairing channels. Cars from 1990 onwards and new cars are best suited for this repair type. Dents near the edge of the vehicle body panel are not well-suited for the repair method and where the paint has cracked because of the dent, we recommend using our normal panel and re-spray services for optimal results. Previously repaired panels are also better suited for complete replacement or major dent repair and re-spraying.


Because no filler is used, the vehicle value won’t be affected. Normally, when people suspect a previous accident, they feel over the panel and may also knock lightly on the panel to find any filler spots. With this method of repair, the metal is simply pushed back into its original form using special tools and advanced techniques.


Benefits include:


·         Fast repair – can be done within half-a-day.

·         No need for body filler.

·         No re-spraying needed.

·         No risk of over spraying.

·         Exceptionally affordable service.

·         Original paint isn’t affected.

·         Value of vehicle is retained.


We furthermore provide an express scratch and dent repair service that includes removal of paint blemishes, scratches, bumper scuffs, cracks and chips. We spray paint full panels using the Glasurit colour match and offer a guarantee on the perfect colour match. Our qualified artisans do the repairs which take between one and five days.


Other Repairs


It’s imperative to repair windscreen chips as to avoid the chips from expanding and becoming cracks. The chips can be repaired within 30 minutes. In addition, to the above services, our vehicle body protect service using the Carty-3C glaze will help to protect the panels from environmental and industrial elements for up to a year. The service product is guaranteed to work.


Prolong the beauty of your vehicle by keeping it dent free. Visit our Garsfontein Centre for immediate and professional assistance at an affordable price.

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