Paintless Dent Removal Pretoria

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PaintlessDentRemoval Paintless Dent Removal Pretoria

When and Why You Should Use Paintless Dent Removal Services in Garsfontein Pretoria

Carty Carvenience offers paintless dent removal services in Garsfontein Pretoria in addition to our auto body repair and car wash and valet services. If you have just lifted an eyebrow upon reading about paintless dent removal, read on. You will be glad that you know about the service as it can save you a few thousand Rands in repairs and lots of time.

 What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

It is a combination of advanced techniques used to remove smaller dents and dings from the vehicle surface. The service, however, is not suited for panels that have suffered paint damage, but we can recommend our panel repair and spraypaint services.

Types of Repairs

The PDR service is well-suited for preparation of a damaged vehicle panel for respraying, but is mostly used for repair of small body creases, dings, and hail damage WITHOUT respraying panels. The typical ding size is that of a 50 cents or smaller coin. When we mention minor dents, we are referring to a dent that is slightly deeper and larger. Depending on its location, our technician will select the best leverage point for shaping the metal back to its original form. Round dings and dents – those you get in parking lots and alike, are normally removed using only the paintless dent removal technique.  This service is offered at our Garsfontein centre in Pretoria East.

As mentioned, the repair technique is also used for correction of creases. A crease is normally a dent with a line type of indent in the vehicle panel and is most often caused by a vehicle accident. The crease is one of the more complex repairs because of variations in depth and length.  For this type of paintless dent removal you definitely want specialists technicians.  Visit our Garsfontein branch for professional assessment and solid recommendation.  We will be able to assist with the removal of these ceases in no time.

More and more vehicle dealers and insurance companies now make use of our paintless dent repair services because of the speed of service offered, the professional end-results and the cost-effectiveness of this type of repair. Consumers are also now looking at the savings in time and costs associated with the service. People planning on selling their vehicles will want to have those dings, dents, and creases repaired before advertising their vehicles.

Consider the benefits:

  • ONE day repair and thus time saving.
  • No need for filler application.
  • No need for respraying the panel.
  • 100% Colour matching since no paint is required.
  • Fraction of the cost of conventional dent repairs.


Visit us for a professional assessment and a superior quality paintless dent removal service at an affordable price.

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