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The best professional valet service available since 2000:

Car detailing is a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of a vehicle that involves special tools such as:

  • a Spray Extractor to deep clean fabric seats and carpets;
  • Polish and Buff Machines to clean the paint surface of oxidation, superficial scratches and more;
  • Cleaning Clay to remove tree gum spots or over-spray and alike.

Dealerships normally valet a used car before putting it on sale. People who want to sell their cars and that wants the best possible trade-in value also get a valet done on their vehicle before trading it in.

After a holiday at the sea-side, the Bushveld, Kruger National Park and alike, a valet  can clean your vehicle of all dust, dirt and scratches.

  • Significantly improves and maintain the value of your vehicle
  • Includes engine & chassis, polish & glaze and full or mini interior deep cleaning, roof line cleaning or any combination

  • 4 – 8 hours needed depending on the Valet package
  • Refer to our pricelist for all possible packages
  • Bookings recommended (but if we are not full for the day we will surely help without a booking