Odour Removal

7_odour_removal_pretoria Odour Removal

Everyone wants to keep the new car smell in their car as long as possible

There are many things that can ruined the “new car” smell in your vehicle: odours from smoke, milk/food/blood, bacteria, mildew and pet urine.  These smells need to be eliminated and not only be covered up.

Although there are many tips to get rid of odours (of which some might work in certain circumstances), QUICK and professional cleaning is strongly recommended.

A deep cleaning of the particular area with the correct cleaning agent for the particular problem is always the first step.  Thereafter, from our experience and research, correct products are applied to eliminate the particular smell.  If all else fails, odour removal by ozone is almost always successful.  All said, certain smells may never come out, SO ACT AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE.

We at Carty offers the full range of services to remove that unwanted odour from your vehicle.

Allow 1 to 2 days to remove bad odours