Read here how many different detailing services we have mastered to make your vehicle look like new

Welcome to the Carty way of cleaning your vehicle – we call it CAR DETAILING and have
been mastering this for more than 21 years.

We do car wash and valet differently and you have to experience it to understand! Our team is dedicated and we ensure that quality control is done on each and every vehicle before it leaves our premises. All you have to do is bring your vehicle to us, afford us sufficient time to do a good job, and then drive with a shining clean vehicle and enjoy your ride.

Check out the ways in which we’ll be #here2beofservice2you on the left. With Carty, you can choose from many options to get your vehicle cleaned, from an express detail service to a full valet, polish & glazing, engine & chassis cleaning, removing of stickers / tar / odours / superficial scratches, and much more.

Which services do you offer? Cost?

We offer the whole spectrum of cleaning services – another way in which we are #here2beofservice2you.

We offer the following cleaning and valet services:
  • Express detailing
  • Seat and carpet deep cleaning
  • Professional VALET services
  • Polish and glazing
  • Engine and chassis cleaning
  • Headlamp buffing/restoration
  • Specialised removal of stains, tar, overspray, tree gum spots
  • Odour removal
  • Sticker removal
  • Trailer, caravan and boat cleaning
  • Many other related services

Should I make a booking?

Most of the services DON’T require a booking. IT’S RECOMMENDED to avoid busy periods such as lunch times, Friday afternoons, and Saturday and Monday early mornings to avoid a long waiting time. You may also leave your vehicle with us and go back to the office or go grab a quick coffee or breakfast. PLEASE MAKE A BOOKING for any of the following services (since we won’t be able to assist on a day we’ve reached our daily capacity):
  • Valet
  • Polish
  • Glaze
  • Headlamp buffing / restoration
  • Any specialised service to remove tar, tree gum spots, stickers, etc.
To make a booking, simply call 012 998 6048 and talk to our receptionist or send an email to info@carty.co.za

How soon can I book?

We take great care and time to ensure a good final result, and therefore we can only accommodate a limited number of vehicles per day where these services are concerned.

Please make a booking as follows:

  • In January, at least a week or two in advance (there’s a high demand for valets in this month)
  • After school holidays, about four days in advance
  • On other occasions, you should be able to get a booking in less than three days in advance
  • If you don’t have a booking and would like to bring your vehicle, please call us on 012 998 6048 before 8:00 to confirm if we might be able to assist you on the same day

Please bring your vehicle in for the services you’ve booked between 7:15 and 8:45 on the day in question.

How long will it take?

We unfortunately cannot guarantee service times due to many factors like extremely dirty vehicles in line, number of vehicles that arrived before you, the extent of dirt on/in your own vehicle.

But we’d like to at least give an indication of average SERVICE times (excluding in certain services the waiting time of a first-come-first-serviced basis):

  • Express detailing: 60 minutes to do properly
  • Seat and carpet cleaning: 45 to 120 minutes (depending on dirt and if you only do seats/carpets or both)
  • Professional Valet Services: one day (except in cases of extremely dirty vehicles or if a vehicle arrives later than 9:00)
  • Polish and glazing: 3 to 4 hours (and vehicles are booked in for these services during morning hours)
  • Headlamp buffing/restoration: about 1 hour (and can easily be combined with any valet, polishing or glazing service)
  • Engine and chassis cleaning: 45 minutes to one hour (please note that we frequently have waiting times on this service, so it’s recommended that you arrange with someone to pick you up and leave your vehicle with us)
  • Specialised services: difficult to predict how long this will take, since the severity of the problem to be solved will influence the time required. We’ll confirm the time needed for these services when we inspect the vehicle
  • Trailer, caravan or boat cleaning: depends on the nature of the cleaning required.

What makes Carty’s Valets different?

Remember: Proper and regular cleaning of your vehicle significantly improves and maintains the value of your vehicle.

Bringing your vehicle to our team for a valet service is a smart move. Our team has been trained and most of them have been doing valets for at least ten years. We pay attention to detail and follow correct procedures to ensure quality work and prevent damages.

Car valet (detailing) is a deep cleaning of the interior and/or exterior of a vehicle that involves special tools such as:

  • A spray extractor to deep clean fabric seats and carpets;
  • Polish and buff machines to clean the paint surface of oxidation, superficial scratches and more;
  • Specialised chemicals developed ONLY for cleaning and polishing of vehicles;
  • Cleaning clay to remove tree gum spots or overspray and alike.

Our valet packages are designed to suit everybody’s needs, so you can decide what to include and what not. Refer to the Carty price list under “Which services do you offer? Cost?”

What is included in a VALET?

The following may form part of your VALET service:

  • Full (deep) interior cleaning (everything from top to bottom, front to rear)
  • Mini (more superficial and spot) interior cleaning
  • Proper exterior cleaning (more intense if you also choose to polish)
  • 2-step polish
  • Glazing
  • Engine top rinse
  • Engine and/or chassis cleaning
  • Extra buff for deeper scratches (additional cost to valet prices on our price list)
  • Head lamp restoration (additional cost to valet prices on our price list)
  • Paint touch up on stone chips (additional cost to valet prices on our price list)
  • Any of the specialised services to remove for example tar, tree gum spots, etc. (additional cost to valet prices on our price list)

Refer to the Carty price list on the page “Which services do you offer? Cost?” – select this topic on the left.


What about quality?

QUALITY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. We’re an RMI member that complies with and binds ourselves to the code of conduct of our association.

We don’t compromise on quality. We only use the correct equipment, chemicals, and procedures. All our staff are trained, experienced and work focused to let you drive off with a smile.

A final quality control inspection is done on each vehicle under the supervision of Lesley Mbhombhi and Amos Kabini – two very competent and dedicated gentlemen who’ve been working at Carty for many years and been managers for a long time.



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Operating hours

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  • Sat: 7:30 – 13:00 (Detailing only)

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Don’t compare our services and prices with other service providers without investigating the types of products, systems and processes being used, our trained crew and personnel, and the variety of services being offered.
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