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Our Repair Processes

Correct environment, processes, equipment, products and paint
combined with the skills of qualified artisans provide a quality end-product.

1. Disassembling
First the artisan remove certain panels/parts to make room to work on the damaged area, e.g. to repair a dent on a door the artisan may need to remove the door handle, window rubber and/or the door beading/strip.
2. Evaluation
Damages are closely inspected to decide on appropriate tools and procedures.
3. Repair
Correct procedures and tools are used by qualified Auto Body Repairers to manipulate the metal into its original shape. Correctly implemented Panelbeating processes are the first very important steps to assure a high quality end result.
4. Repair Finishing
The final Panelbeating process is to finish off the repaired panel to ensure that a correctly shaped and smooth surface is send to the Paint shop.
5. 1st Preparation step
Artisans use high quality sanding papers and equipment, following the correct steps (from more coarse to fine) and methods to ensure the required finish in preparation to apply the primer paint coat.
6. Apply primer
It is important to use the correct primer for each job, the correct equipment and environment. To cure the primer coat properly either sufficient sunlight, or infrared drying technology is used before the vehicle is moved to the next preparation step for final paint coats.
7. Correct colour match
Colour matching is done to the exact manufacturer specifications with a scientific paint-mixing coding system on a computerized scale. Continuous training by paint manufacturers ensures the correct application of all new paint colours.
8. Masking
The vehicle is then carefully covered and masked to ONLY expose the surfaces that need to be painted in order to avoid overspray and to ensure a professional paint process.
9. Apply paint
A qualified spay painter applies the correctly mixed paint on the correctly prepared surface using the correct methods in a pressurised environment (spray booth), thereby minimising the interference of dust particles with the quality of the auto body paint work.
After all the Spray Painting processes are finished the vehicle/part is left in this controlled environment for a baking cycle to cure the paint correctly.
10. Final polish
All newly painted surfaces are polished, ensuring the optimal protection of paint surfaces.
11. Quality Control
Our experienced managers carry out pre-delivery quality inspections to ensure that our stringent quality standards have been met.
12. Collection
The vehicle is then sent to our Car Wash for a proper cleaning and the customer is notified to collect it.


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